TriVentures is where you can achieve sustainable earnings with the best of both worlds - stable income and high growth.


A sustainable valuation business model

Vision / Mission

At TriVentures, our mission is to enable people to realize a fuller potential and to scale up their businesses in a sustainable way.


Execute disruptive strategies by empowering people through education and strategic alignment to achieve Product Leadership, Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy.

Rethink and plan for the industry's future demands along with the changing business, technology and geopolitical landscape.

Create disruptive strategies to enable low-end disruption or new market disruption that will rock the market.

Verticals We Explore

We serve as a sustainable earning portfolio by targeting successful businesses that have the potential for sustainable growth with technology. By investing in multiple JV Co modules across various sectors, we hope to build a ‘Stable of Unicorns’.

These are the different verticals we shall explore across multiple sectors. 

Accountancy & Audit



Financial Advisory

Real Estate Management

Investment Advisory

Other Opportunities and Pipelines 

Facility Management 



How can TriVentures help you?





Business Model Enhancement

Business Automation

Data Optimisation

Automate a business to become more profitable by improving process efficiencies

Scale up using business model enhancement and growth strategies

Apply data analytics to enhance and create new business streams.

Value Strategy Map


Key Partners

Goh Seh Harn


Lim Hui Jie


Disruptive Strategist trained at Harvard Business School. International Management Alumni of Stanford-NUS Graduate School of Business. Certified Business Process Re-engineering under the Singapore National Competency Framework ICT-SNA4001-1.1 and ICT-SNA-5004-1.1

Founder and CCO of Vision Tech Group of Companies, Blockchain Expert and TedX Speaker. Serial entrepreneur with extensive business experience and as the CEO, listed his company at over USD $230 million before the age of 30 years old.

Honorary Strategic Advisors

Andreas Weigend

Advisor to Vision Group, a technology partner of TriVentures. 

Khoon Hong Lim

Advisor to Vision Group, a technology partner of TriVentures.

Former Chief Scientist of Amazon. Lecturer at University of California at Berkeley on “Social Data Revolution”. Engaged by from Alibaba, Mastercard, Thomas Reuters, Goldman Sachs, Singtel. SAP, WEF and more for consulting expertise.

Former Board Member and President of Asia Pacific in Wincor Nixforf, a top 2 technology provider in the world of retail and banking IT.

Panel of Advisors

Executive Director at Sands China, President of ASHRAE Macao  

Director, Development New Ventures NUS and Founder of Nemean Labs VC PE

Executive Director of Deal Advisory, Baker Tilly Singapore

Our Investments

TriVentures is the equity arm of Vision Group. 

We focus on disruptive and innovative strategic investments ensuring established businesses are pushing new frontiers. Find out more about Vision Group at

TriVentures currently holds interest in the following businesses:

Baker Tilly Vision

Baker Tilly Vision is a technology group that offers industry-specialised services in digital transformation, building of digital assets infrastructure and digital assets audit support. It is a joint venture with the global accounting firm network Baker Tilly. 

Baker Tilly is an accountancy and business advisory network represented by 126 member firms in 147 countries with 700 over offices. It is currently the 10th largest accounting network in the world by revenue.

Red Dot Vision 

RDV platform allows people to collect rent, manage, buy and sell onshore and cross-border properties with ease and transparency on taxes and fees. It also offers a portfolio management with intuitive risk management fund allocation on various classes of real estate assets. Red Dot Vision is joint venture with Red Dot House Management. 

Red Dot House Management is a US market focused property acquisition and management firm. Known to partner with the 'king of foreclosure', Red Dot provides opportunities for distressed assets ranging from single family homes to commercial offices. The front end office is based in US, the HQ and back end office team has been operating out from Singapore since 2011 and has since managed over 2,000 assets in the US across 30 states.


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